Promoting Women’s Rights

Promoting Women’s Rights in Pakistan, Ending Oppression Through Education

Established in 2003, Mukhtar Mai Women’s  Organisation (MMWO) is led by Mukhtar Mai, internationally known for her struggle for the protection and promotion of women’s rights.

Mukhtar Mai Women’s Organisation is the champion defender of women’s rights and education in the Southern region of Punjab Province, Pakistan, a region with some of the world’s worst examples of women’s rights violations, such as rape, gang rape, domestic violence, honour killing, vani (exchange of women in settling the disputes), forced and child marriages.

Responding to the alarming rate of violence against women and girls in the region, combined with the failure of the state in providing relief and shelter to the destitute and battered women, Mukhtar Mai Women Welfare Organisation has become a beacon hope, empowering women with its mantra of ending oppression through education.

Apart from advocacy and awareness campaigns, MMWO provides legal & para aid and shelter to approximately 500 survivors of violence annually through Mukhtar Mai Women’s Resource Centre & Shelter Home.


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